(a graphic designer)

Hello, my name is Stien. This page shows my graphic (design) work. Scroll down to see some of it!

I split my time between being a freelancer and working for the communication team at the Applied Linguistics Department of the University of Ghent.

I am 1/3 of Posture Editions, an independent publishing house of artbooks in Ghent, Belgium.

We design and publish books in a fixed format (A4- or pocket-sized). We work with a wide array of different contemporary visual artists.

I love books and feel very blessed to make them. You can buy our books online or at your local bookshop.

Right after graduating, I got asked to design a book for the Grafische Cel. Together with Caroline and Inge, we made “A House for the Mind” about Dom Hans van der Laan. It earned the DAM Architectural Book Award in 2018.

During my internship at Meeusontwerp, I worked on the book ‘Een Ode aan de Liefde’ (‘Ode to Love’) by Alain Badiou. This was my first real book design ever, so I hold it dear. It was part of the student selection of the Best Verzorgde Boeken 2016.

G. magazine (now discontinued) dedicated an issue to the writer and philosopher Patricia de Martelaere. My contribution, a literal visual translation (in Illustrator) of the essay “De wereld is een woord” (The world is a word) ran throughout the entire magazine.

Me, Janna and Hilde of Meeusontwerpt made ‘bijkaartjes’(adverb cards). These cards could be used for, together with, besides, underneath or above all kinds of things.

I really enjoy having free time. Once I made a business card for myself that said, “tbh i’d rather nap”. I thought this was very funny.

Something else I found very funny, was the poster contribution I made to Ficciones Tipografica: “vrei als een”. The deliberate typo and rhyme only work in Dutch, but translated it means “free as an egg”.

I really enjoy working with my hands. That’s how I got into lino-printing recently. It’s the perfect combination between drawing, printing techniques and just getting messy in my studio.

Here is a baby card I designed. It features a quote from a Spinvis-song and a Frits-Wentti Philodendron leaf, combining both poetry and nature, but also craft, as it was expertly hand-printed by Jozias Boone.

So there’s printed matter and then there’s the online world. I really like to code. I wrote & designed this (now offline) website for a friend’s research project about decolonization.

This website, as well as the previous versions, were all coded by me.

I also digitalized a student project, ‘We should all be feminists’, where I combined (pop-)culture quotes with pictures of myself wearing masks of my women idols.

I have worked for different corporate clients (Deloitte, Corialis, UGent, Tobania, ...). The end-results are in their corporate identities, so I won't show them here, but I will show this poster inspired by Rihanna.

You’ve reached the end of the scroll. If you want to get in touch, click below. And if not, have a great rest of the day!